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Ferry Ferry Veere

Need something other than the car, the bike or the leg-walk? Reserve a spot on the ferry! With Veerpont Veere you travel as a pedestrian or cyclist to Kamperland to Veere and vice versa. With the ferry you have a beautiful view of the Veerse Meer and you are in no time at places like Fine Veere. Kamperland and Veere lend themselves ideally to longer foot and bike tours.

During the period from May through September, the ferry runs. Several trips leave every day, from Kamperland to Veere. Every forty-five – sixty minutes a ferry departs from Kamperland to Veere and vice versa. At the start of the ferry you can reserve a spot, the request is to pay this spot in cash. If you are with a group of more than ten people, it is desirable to book in advance at Veerpont Veere.

Veere with the Veerse Meer in sight
Veere from the Veerse Meer

Things to do in Veere

Veere is a place with around twenty thousand inhabitants. In any case, there is plenty to do. The area lends itself perfectly to hikes and bike rides. From Veere you move easily to Walcheren. This is a land region and peninsula. An ideal departure point towards Vlissingen or other places of interest. Consider a museum visit, the reptile house, various sculptures and works of art, as well as the port of Veere.

Through the Veere Pont it is also possible to book a seal safari. During this cruise you will go in search of seals with the boat Lady Madeleine. This trip goes via the Vlissingse Binnenhaven across the Westerschelde to the Nolle. Want to stay up to date on our best tips? Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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