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The bicycle shed

We previously wrote about fish specialty store De Visserie and within walking distance is also De Fietsloods located. De Fietsloods is a place, as the name suggests, where you rent bicycles for during your stay in Kamperland. This way, you don’t have the hassle of taking bikes with you, but you do have access to a temporary bike.

From apartment De Kokverhoeven you are within two minutes by car at De Fietsloods and by foot it takes fifteen minutes. An ideal distance if you go there on foot and return by bike. At De Fietsloods you can easily and simply rent bikes for a few hours, a whole day or several days.

Do you make it easy on yourselves? Then choose to rent an e-bike with ease. Rather looking for something you can laugh with? Tandems are also available for rental here. On the website you will find a current offer and an overview of rates for rentals up to a maximum of fourteen days. It is not only possible to rent bicycles, you can also come here for accessories.

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