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The Zeeland Quest

Are you staying in our apartment and ready to fully explore Zeeland? If so, the Zeeland Speurtochten are highly recommended. Throughout Zeeland, it is possible to walk such a scavenger hunt, often with a nice little gift such as a candy cane, chocolate surprise or Zeeland Babbelaars.

Different places

Discover the oldest house in Zeeland, learn all about the liberation of Walcheren, imagine yourself in Zeeland’s fairy tales and walk from the beach to the center. You can easily plan a Zeeland Scavenger Hunt in a variety of places in Zeeland. You can find those scavenger hunts in Zierikzee, Goes, Middelburg, Bergen op Zoom, Westkapelle, Vlissingen, Vrouwenpolder beach, Breskens, Groede stage, Colijnsplaat, Tholen, Yerseke and Dreischor.

On your own

The scavenger hunts can be walked on your own. Convenient because then you can decide when to run! Keep in mind, however, that surprises come with the hiking trails, which is why Zeeland Scavenger Hunts does have opening hours. You can even explore the area by scooter, this includes its own routes. Every route available on the website can be purchased for less than a tenner. You can print out this route or grab it on your mobile. A fun activity to do with kids or as a family, but also a great activity for other company to explore the area together!

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