Atmospheric impression

We, Joris & Rolf, are true burgundians and bring the Brabant atmosphere to the port of Zeeland. You can book our apartment in Zeeland for a recreational stay from October 2022. Apartment De Kokverhoeven is located on the first floor of the Residence Marina Kamperland apartment complex.

This complex is surrounded by nature, recreation and activity. From the apartment you overlook the small harbor where about one hundred and sixty luxury yachts and boats are docked. When you book our apartment in Zeeland, you give yourself and loved ones a luxurious, burgundian vacation gift that comes with all the comforts. Discover the fine atmospheres of our Zeeland apartment with a Brabant heart. Below you will find an extensive mood impression of apartment De Kokverhoeven.

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When we first discovered the location of the apartment in Zeeland, we knew for sure: this is where we would like to create a recreational home. Once we purchased our new destination, we decided to hire an interior designer right away.

Together with Sharon Roest and Etienne Dederen we set to work to make apartment De Kokverhoeven a fantastic vacation apartment in Zeeland, with a feeling for the warmth of Brabant. Therefore, the feeling of coming home to our apartment is the most important thing. You can see that in the facilities, decor and reception.


From the kitchen, living room, dining area and balcony you have a view of the harbor. In this way, you immediately experience the feeling of being close to water. When we go inside, we immediately encounter colors such as beige, blue and burgundy. We looked at the colors of our apartment to match the sea. Think beige of the sand, blue of the water and burgundy red, as the sky colors when the sun goes down.

Kitchen & Living Room

In the apartment itself, we opted for a kitchen island instead of a corner unit. This allows you to look directly at the harbor and between the boats while cooking. It feels like you’re cooking yourself on a luxury yacht. We added a long dining table to our kitchen, one of those tables where you eat together and have drinks for hours. Ideal for a long and relaxing table evening together or with guests.

Our living room is, of course, equipped with a television and the conveniences that go with it. This way you can watch television together in a relaxed manner or enjoy the view of the harbor. This is perfectly possible with our special seating area that we have created to optimally come to yourself with, for example, a good book.

Bedroom & bathroom

Our apartment has a bathroom with walk-in shower. There is a separate toilet. The master bedroom has its own bathroom. Ideal for optimal privacy and relaxation. There are two bedrooms in the apartment: the master bedroom and the guest bedroom. These two rooms are each equipped with a double box spring. In the master bedroom, this box spring is two meters ten long and one meter eighty wide. In the other bedroom, the double bed is just as long and one meter sixty wide.

In the master bedroom, this box spring is two meters ten long and one meter eighty wide. In the other bedroom, the double bed is one meter sixty wide. The bedrooms each have their own television hanging on the wall so you can enjoy watching television from bed without disturbing guests or each other. Our sleeping quarters are fully equipped to make you feel like you are in a hotel suite.

Book our luxury apartment in Zeeland

With our apartment in Zeeland you book a burgundian experience. It is important to us that you experience the feeling of being at home with us. That’s why with us you also don’t pay anything extra for important necessities like towels, tea towels, laundry detergent and basic kitchen products like spices, coffee, tea and dishwasher tablets. There are also plenty of guest towels available.

All you have to do is book our apartment, unpack your bags and enjoy all the beauty Zeeland has to offer.