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Amable Kamperland

Enjoying a delicious lunch or dinner with walking distance from the apartment? You can do that at Amable. This upscale, quiet restaurant is located in the former church in Kamperland. The ambiance is chic and historic at the same time. From the front parking lot of the apartment you can even see the tower of the church already.

For lunch or dinner

Walk through the Kamperland dunes or one of the cleanest coasts in the Netherlands, the North Sea beach. Then settle down in a lovely spot in this historic church – converted into a chic and upscale restaurant as the real hotspot in the village. Your visit to Kamperland is really not complete if it did not include lunch or dinner at Amable. They serve dishes with seasonal produce and local character for the optimal culinary experience.

Own garden

The products used are not only from the region, some come from their own gardens. The dishes prepared in the chef’s kitchen have primal Dutch flavors. Vegetables, fruits and herbs come from our own garden. These ingredients are used to make fillet, dogfish, baby top steak and potato pavé, for example. Note that because the dishes are seasonal, chances are the menu will change seasonally.

Enjoy starter, main and dessert here, complemented by a fine wine or strong whiskey. Drinks such as kombucha, hard seltzer and the well-known soft drinks can also be consumed here.

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