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Beachclub Lekker

Zeeland at its best. Burgundy enjoyment of the Zeeland countryside. You can at Beachclub Lekker! We have visited this fine hotspot near Deltapark Neeltje Jans, the Dutch Delta Works and, of course, the North Sea many times. While you enjoy the delicious dishes of this beach club, you get to experience the coziest tourist atmospheres.

At Beachclub Lekker you will find something for everyone. The extensive menu features traditional, Zeeland-style meat and fish dishes such as fried sole and homemade spare ribs. You’ll also find vegetarian AND vegan options like Yellow curry and a 100% vegan burger. In addition to the many main courses, at Beachclub Lekker they also serve soups, many different appetizers, oysters, salads and desserts.

Are you guys on the move? Then go for a quick lunch such as a bouncer, bun(s) croquette and flatbread with various toppings. You roll right out of the Beach Club onto the beach, so it’s ideal if you want to sunbathe or swim a little more. Don’t feel like relaxing in peace, but looking for activity?

There are several walking and cycling routes around Beachclub Lekker that you can always visit. You walk with one of those routes so towards the Veerse Meer, a popular affair for water sports enthusiasts. This gives you the opportunity to watch the athletes or participate yourself. There’s plenty of room for that with this 22-kilometer-long lake.

Are you completely in love with this special place Zeeland? It is also possible to celebrate weddings, events or business meetings in the beach club or its surroundings. You can find the options for this on the website. By the way, on the webcam you can see at any time of the day how the Zeeland beach and the club look like.

With us, Beachclub Lekker is in any case a fixed part of our visit to Kamperland, so we gladly recommend this club!

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