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Brasserie Blush

Surprising dining out overlooking a beautiful harbor? At Brasserie Blush, you can do it! When you stay in our apartment, Brasserie Blush is just steps away. This is because the brasserie is part of the residence Marina Kamperland, so you can visit this brasserie on foot.

Brasserie Blush was one of the places we visited first in Kamperland. As we enjoyed a delicious drink here, we decided to call the realtor. We wanted to make an offer on the apartment where we can now welcome you. Brasserie Blush has thus contributed to a collection of good memories.

Changing menu

New dishes appear on the menu every eight weeks, so that bodes well if you’re a burgundian at heart. Homemade is the standard at this brasserie. This ranges from culinary delights to homemade cookies for coffee. A real chef runs the kitchen here with his team.

From the terrace you look out onto the beautiful water, where boats and yachts dock or depart. Let the warmth of the sun, the joy of your company and the quality of this brasserie take you away. It is even possible to book different packages at Brasserie Blush.

Rolf and Joris during a visit to Brasserie Blush
On the terrace of Brasserie Blush

Consider sailing on a luxury yacht for up to ten people. Before the hunt departs you start with an extensive lunch at the brasserie. Once on the yacht, enjoy a delicious drink and a possible visit to the town of Veere. In addition to sailing on a yacht, it is also possible to book packages for a laser game outing or an escape room.

Order here the best luxury dishes such as with crayfish, sole, catfish and rack and burgers of lamb as the main ingredient, among others. At Brasserie Blush, it is possible to order a multi-course menu or choose your own dishes. Prices for dinner here range from eighteen euros to sixty euros per dish, with an average of twenty-five euros.

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