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Fine Veere

Lovers of fish beware… at Fine Veere you are at the right place! At this brasserie, they love Zeeland and Therefore, almost all dishes are prepared with products from the Zeeland soil. It is an ideal place to enjoy lunch, drinks and dinner with friends and family. We regularly visit this place during a weekend in Zeeland and are happy to recommend Fine Veere.

Fresh fish, oysters, as well as meat and vegetarian dishes. You will visit this brasserie together with all ease. The ingredients are daily fresh. Culinary delights on the Veerse Meer, you can do it here! It is also possible to organize parties and other occasions at the brasserie. The restaurant is run by Maxim and Lorette. Started in 2020 with a dream and passion for fish!

Location of Fine Veere

The location of the brasserie is on Lake Veere. Parking by car is free. In addition, the brasserie can even be reached by boat. This makes Fine Veere completely unique. So handy if you are floating through the Veerse Meer and get hungry. You can easily walk from the restaurant along the water or greenery. Nice time to belly up!

The restaurant

Creative chef Maxim creates the best dishes with all his enthusiasm. So it may happen that a tasting will spontaneously appear on the menu. The Veere team is then curious what guests think of the ideas. Why bring from far away when there is a wonderful province? At Veere, they get most of their produce from the local land or water. The surprising flavors create a sensation on the tongue. We definitely recommend a visit!

No time or desire to dine long? Fine Veere also lends itself well to a short visit. Even the coffee is fresh, as the beans are roasted in the brasserie. Enjoy! Want to stay up to date on our favorite spots? Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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