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Restaurant The Bathing Pavilion

When you think of Zeeland, you quickly think of Middelburg. But did you know that Domburg is also excellent for (tourist) visits? It has been a family seaside resort for more than 150 years. How nice is it to enjoy a culinary experience by the sea together? You’ll enjoy views, good food and fine company at The Bath Pavilion restaurant!

Restaurant Het Badpaviljoen can be found on the Badhuisweg. As soon as you walk onto the terrace you imagine yourself in the luxurious atmosphere of the restaurant. Combine this luxurious atmosphere with views of the sea and beach and you are provided with a burgundian afternoon or evening. At The Bath Pavilion restaurant lunch, dinner and finger food for drinks.

There is always an opportunity to visit The Bath Pavilion in any way you wish. They offer the possibility to have lunch or dinner in the restaurant, but you can also go to the conservatory, the lounge terrace and the terrace by the sea. The Bath Pavilion caters to lovers of fine food and exceptional wines. That’s where we belong!

Will you go for a Spanish Pata Negra or a Zeeland lobster? At The Bath Pavilion, they know how to create an experience for its visitors and they love to do it. The personal advice and friendly involvement ensure that you enjoy the best combination of food and wine. The flavors are exceptional yet something for everyone so that combination makes a visit complete.

One of the most special things about visiting this restaurant is that it is not seasonal. At many tourist spots in Zeeland, you’ll find the best weather. However, every season at The Bathing Pavilion is impressive because you look out over the North Sea. This always results in impressive sightings. The menu is well tailored to the season, so we can recommend this outing in any season.

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