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Your visit to Zeeland is not complete without sampling local delicacies. For that mission, you’ve come to the right place at Seafarm. We have been to Seafarm many times to eat in the restaurant. In addition, here you will also visit the wholesale store to prepare the best dishes yourself. And where better to do that than in the kitchen of our apartment?

Seafarm sees itself as a leader in sustainably farmed seafood. All fish and shellfish are watered down in the source water of the Oosterschelde. You won’t find it fresher than fresh! The gems in Seafarm’s range are the razor shells, seafood, oysters and turbot.

Michelin star

The chefs closely involved with Seafarm are Alan Geaam and Tom Vinke. Geaam has one Michelin star behind his name and manages several restaurants in Paris. Chef Vinke is the chef at De Kromme Watergang restaurant. During the events organized by Seafarm, these two chefs are regularly flown in to provide guests with the optimal experience.

Events organized at Seafarm include the Friday Fish Market. On Fridays, book a four-course (!) menu for €42.50 per person. You start with an appetizing aperitif and an oyster. This is followed by velouté of turbot. As a main course, you have the choice between two types of fish or a seafood dish. The menu ends with a surprise dessert.

Seafarm Tour

In addition to the Friday Fish Market, restaurant and wholesale business, there is another fun activity to enjoy. Once a month it is possible to book a public tour through the back of the restaurant. You’ll go out with a group to discover how Seafarm operates. Experience the power of pure saline spring water, visit the oyster basins, see the tabot farm and discover how the shellfish are processed.

We have not yet taken the Seafarm Tour, but we are very curious. The tour includes refreshments and it is also possible to join us for lunch after the tour. You do need to make separate reservations for this.

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