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The Small Schorre

Wines, wines, wines… we love it! In our apartment, the wine is already ready upon arrival. How happy we were when we found out that there is a real wine tasting facility nearby. Wijnhoeve de Kleine Schorre is pre-eminently a perfect location for a wine tasting with friends or family.

Tasting Room the Small Schorre

De Kleine Schorre has a large piece of land for its vineyard. Here you can taste the most delicious wines in the country! With a daily changing menu, the Kleine Schorre moves with the seasons. Once inside, you have a choice of several terraces. An ideal location to spend a day under the Zeeland sun. During the tasting you will receive a tour of the vineyard, the wine cellar and you will taste the freshest wines.

Other Activities

The vineyard lends itself to a variety of activities, as weddings in the vineyard are also possible. As well as dining in the foreign atmospheres of the vineyard. The romantic Deischor immediately arouses a foreign feeling. In addition to dining, you can also have lunch at the vineyard. A beautiful view in front of you and a cool wine on the table!

The wine farm was built by six Zeeland entrepreneurs into a thriving Zeeland business. There are regular visits from musicians for live music during summer days and a village café is located on the grounds. Looking for a souvenir to take home? Pay a visit to the farm store. Next to the wine farm is a campground for when going home after all that wine doesn’t work out. ;p

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